Enchantment Lakes Snowflake

Snowflake, a new puzzle cutter to me, who is (per Hoefnagel) not currently cutting — but previously at Etsy. Unfortunately I was so eager to try this puzzle cutter that I went with an appealing title “Enchantment Lakes” even though I didn’t see the image, and it was the kind of landscape puzzle that I really, really don’t like …. far off dark trees that are sort of a dark-ish muddle, plus shades of grey in a mountain, and a lake. This particular type of image is — possibly! — my least favorite common puzzle subject. Oh well. I look forward to trying *other* images from Snowflake.

The puzzle has a nice handcut feel. The pieces are classic jigsaw knob-and-connector pieces, with very few false fits. You can pick it up and hold it sideways, which is always fun, and needs enough play to be able to pick it up, but enough tightness & thickness of wood to hold it together.

… But whatever the nice hand-feel, the image made it really a slog for me, continued only because of my completist bent. Sigh.

(I really appreciated that there was a little photo print-out in an envelope in the box, so that one had the option of having a mystery puzzle or not.)

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