Mr. Z’s Sugar Maples

update: Finished! Whew. I will admit that I enjoyed the last third, which went quickly, the best.

This puzzle (from Hoefnagel) is kicking my ass, a little, which I wasn’t quite expecting. Although maybe I should have, given the artwork! There’s some color line cutting, but I’m not sure that’s it — it’s the artwork in combination with the cutting, which has lots of odd angles to make the joins a little surprising.

I am appreciating the challenge, given that the activity I am procrastinating is taxes. And, autumnal maple trees, with their glorious orange and yellow, are always welcome (even in spring).

Which I could figure out more about this puzzle cutter, Mr. Z’s Puzzles! I imagine the photograph is his? Well, it could as easily be someone else’s, as a commission. A mystery!

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