Sarah Gentry, Mel’s Belles, Liberty

I really enjoyed “Mel’s Belles” (who’s Mel, I wonder?) by Sarah Gentry, a Liberty puzzle of a bouquet of flowers, which came in a Hoefnagel pack along with the Rex Ray “Alistair” puzzle. I requested the pack because of Rex Ray, but ended up enoying the Sarah Gentry puzzle even more! Maybe I was just in the mood for flowers, or something a little more organic than Rex Ray’s crisp abstract geometries. Regardless, this was a fun and fast build.

My favorite whimsy was the two women at a sun-umbrella table, enjoying tea. But I didn’t notice the sun whimsy, which I would have also liked! The painter was cute.

Also, I noticed a repair – the fit was perfect but the colors misaligned, as if slid up a third of a centimenter. Flipping it over, voilá! you can see the very different wood color.

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