Ammonite by Nervous System

I had so much fun with this one! Ash and I (and even Michele) worked on it on Sunday and I carefully transported it back home, reassembled the parts that didn’t make it, panicked because I forgot there were a lot of pieces still in the box, and finished it off today. Fun!

117 pieces, from NERVOUS System, laser cut from a photograph of an ammonite fossil.

Description from NERVOUS system:

This spiral-shaped puzzle features an ancient ammonite fossil with 117 branchy pieces. The Spiral Puzzle is a new twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle where the edge coils into the center. Usually you start assembling a puzzle from the edge and work inwards. However, with a Spiral Puzzle the edge winds inside the puzzle, mixing the interior and the exterior.

The puzzle features a photograph of an Ammonite fossil. Ammonites are extinct cephalopods related to octopi and squid which roamed the seas from 200 million years ago to 66 million years ago. As they grew, they added more chambers onto their shell, creating a spiral. The ammonite inhabited the largest chamber and filled the rest with buoyant fluid. Their fossils feature beautiful and intricate suture patterns where the walls of their shell meet the outside. The branchy shapes of the pieces are based on these patterns.

The puzzle contains 2 multipiece ammonite whimsies.

  • Contains 117 dendrite-style pieces
  • Made in Palenville, NY
  • Laser cut from birch plywood

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