Olga Suvorova, “Triptych”

My first DaVici — an Olga Suvorova “Triptych” puzzle. It was enjoyable, with lots of whimsies, lots of color. I’ve enjoyed Olga Suvorova‘s paintings for the past few years, and was happy to see this one on the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club. The previous puzzle-doer had kindly sorted them into the three pieces, and I did the left, then the right, then the middle.

It took a looooong time because I got covid right after starting, and then did not feel like puzzling at all ….

Suvorova’s work reminds me of Gustav Klimt, in its formalism, and pre-Raphaelites, in its subject — romantic myths, fairy tales … and the rich colors and textures. It’s all the appearance of warmth, with very cold people — a strange combination. Romantic formalism? Formal romanticism?

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