Rex Ray 2

I really enjoy Rex Ray’s art, but will confess I enjoyed “Mylopronesta” more than this one. That image was more satisfying — not just because it has a title, although of course that does satisfy my metadata anal retentivity — but also because I enjoyed the various patterns and blobs of color more.

On the other hand, this one did have some features I really enjoyed. The relatively wide and short panoramic shape was a nice mix.

I did really adore the trees — so elegant, and I could look at a painting made just of trees of that style … And the large plant next to it is a fun kind of contrast to the stylized pines.

And, this vase on the left — so fun. It’s a vase, with a flower — and it’s a carrot, with a carrot top!

Pomegranate sadly let me down — this puzzle had a lot of loosely fitting pieces and I had quite a few mis-placed pieces.

Not surprisingly, I did all the various blobs of color first, then the little fine strings of color, and lastly was left with the solidly black and faintly striped navy pieces.

Am I done with my retro kick? Hmm.

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