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  • catawba rosebay azaleas

    Our stunning purple catawba rosebay azaleas are in full bloom! The bees are very happy with the azaleas, and the non-native Japonica.

  • Violets!


    The violets are starting to bloom!

  • back yard garter snake

    back yard garter snake

    Last year I was charmed by several very small garter snakes in our back yard. This year, I spotted this one — not so small! I make this one out to be a solid two feet, so likely an adult — either last year’s mom, or one of last year’s babies, grown up! It’s a…

  • Iris cristata

    Iris cristata

  • Ecobee thermostat

    Our Nest thermostat, about 8 years old, stopped working on its heat pump wire about a month ago. We did not know what was happening; why was the house cold? (Because the oil burner wouldn’t go on unless the temperature was below freezing, and it mostly wasn’t, but it was still cold because the heat…

  • chives


    Our chives are popping up! Happy, flavorful spring …

  • daffodil progress

    daffodil progress

    The daffodils are coming along …. these are at the front of the property, along the street on the south side of the driveway.

  • Siberian squill

    Siberian squill

    Another early bloomer is Siberian squill, which as its name reveals, is not native to these lands. A garden escapee, it is now pretty invasive — although not yet on the Massachusetts invasive plants list, I believe. The Minnesota Wildflowers database has a pretty good entry on it.

  • backdoor keypad

    Installed a keypad & new knob on the back door; the old knob, about 11 years old, was getting stuck, and we wanted a keypad anyway. Schlage! Amherst Lockworks.

  • first crocus

    first crocus

    These crocuses (croci) are lovely — non native, I think Crocus vernus (Dutch crocus). Spring!

  • Bobcat!


    Photo from our neighbor, Kristen DeAngelis, just to the south of us at 95 Red Gate Lane. This little bobcat is sitting right at the edge of our two properties, with the moss yard of 49 Maplewood and the fence of 39 Maplewood visible at the top of the photo. Gorgeous! And wow. Also, so…

  • tulip & daffodils

    tulip & daffodils

    The tulip by the front door is leafing out, as are daffodils by the street and under the crabapple in the laundry garden.

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