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CounterMedia Countermedia, Alternative Coverage of the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. (Internet Services Coordinator.)

CounterMedia was among the first activist-organized independent media organizations, founded to provide media services to and about protest and alternative activities during the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Other organizations -- such as the Los Angeles Alternative Media Network (LAAMN) also established media centers that year. After that, DAMN (Direct Action Media Network) began. A few years later, independent media really took off with IndyMedia, which got a huge boost in awareness from its coverage of the Battle of Seattle. IndyMedia is now probably the best-known alternative media organization, with collectives in dozens of cities around the world.

CounterMedia volunteers and staff directly suffered police repression and brutality. A lawsuit was filed to gain remuneration for smashed equipment, and to make sure that the Chicago Consent Decree -- which was in theory at least supposed to minimize red-squad surveillance -- was maintained. See Third Amended Complaint; see also other documents. Unfortunately the case has been unsuccessful, and the conservative 7th Circuit has gutted the Chicago consent decree--despite the persistence of unlawful red squad behaviors.

updated 10/05/08


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