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Brief Resumé

Professional History [+]

  • Simmons College, Graduate School of Library and Information Science. (Adjunct Faculty, 2008 - present).
    Instructed LIS 493, graduate-level "Intellectual Freedom".

  • Private Practice, Consulting & Research. (Jan. 2005 - present)
    Served as speaker and consultant for non-profit organizations and libraries in matters concerning copyright, open source licensing, employee intellectual property rights, cultural economy, municipal wireless, "long tail" economics, and related topics.

  • Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic. (Intern, Jan. 2002 - May 2003; NonResident Fellow/Teaching & Research Fellow, Aug. 2003 - 2008) [+]
    Co-drafted amicus briefs for Circuit & Supreme Courts; drafted pleadings for federal case. Co-drafted open access licensing employment contract. Researched and published on DMCA Section 512 takedown notices. Supervised Chilling Effects, including DMCA 512, Anticircumvention, and Reverse Engineering sections. Researched, wrote, supervised law students, counseled and represented clients in matters of technology law, intellectual property, contracts & licensing, constitutional law, science / technology policy and standard-setting. Managed Computers, Freedom & Privacy 2004 Conference.

  • Brennan Center for Justice, NYU School of Law. (Counsel, Feb. 2006 - Feb. 2007)
    Developed consumer education project on fair use and consumer rights within intellectual property; researched educational institutions and ISP implementation of copyright regimes. (Fair Use Network, of the Free Expression Policy Project.)

  • ACLU Northern California. (Extern, August - December 2002.)
    Drafted advocacy & complaint letters; researched constitutional issues, civil rights, & open records law.

  • Leslie Harris & Associates. (Legal Intern, May - August 2001.)
    Produced legislative testimony & papers on accessibility, educational technology & media policy.

  • Exploratorium, Learning Studio. (Learning Center Facilities Manager, 1997-2000.) [+]
    Managed multimedia science library & curricular center; taught media & technology skills to science educators and librarians.

  • University Library, University of Illinois at Chicago. (Electronic Services Librarian and Assistant Professor, July 1995 - October 1997; Resident Librarian and Visiting Lecturer, August 1993 - July 1995.) [+]
    Taught research courses on public health research and the politics of information access; conducted non-credit workshops on medical informatics and health sciences research tools; provided medical reference and public health collection management; system administration.

  • EPIC (Environmental Protection Information Center), Kentucky Dept. for Environmental Protection. (Library Technician and Acting Librarian, February 1991 - July 1993.) [+]
    Managed agency library; supported attorneys, scientists, and policymakers with scientific, policy, state and federal environmental science, law, and policy research; initiated Internet instructional services; established programs to facilitate public access to environmental and agency information.


Recent Publications & Talks [+]

  • Jennifer Urban and Laura Quilter, "Undue Process: Challenges for Rightsholders and Service Providers in Implementing Section 512's Notice and Takedown Provisions". TPRC 2009: Copyright, DMCA and IPRs. (2009). (Summary by Rebecca Tushnet.)
  • Patrick McDaniel, Kevin Butler, William Enck, Harri Hursti, Stephen McLaughlin, Patrick Traynor, Matt Blaze, Adam Aviv, Pavol Cerny, Sandy Clark, Eric Cronin, Gaurav Shah, Micah Sherr, Giovanni Vigna, Richard Kemmerer, David Balzarotti, Greg Banks, Marco Cova, Viktoria Felmetsger, William Robertson, Fredrik Valeur, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, and Laura Quilter, EVEREST: Evaluation and Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards and Testing. Public Report, Ohio Secretary of State, 2007. [pdf of public report]
  • Joseph Lorenzo Hall and Laura Quilter, ""Documentation Review of the Hart InterCivic System 6.2.1 Voting System: Top-To-Bottom Review of California Voting Systems", California Secretary of State, July 20, 2007. [pdf of public report]
  • Laura Quilter and Marjorie Heins, "Intellectual Property and Free Speech in the Online World: How Educational Institutions and Other Online Service Providers Are Coping with Cease and Desist Letters and Takedown Notices", Public policy report from the Fair Use Network, NYU Brennan Center for Justice (2007) [pdf].

Recent Professional Service [+]

Admissions & Memberships [+]

  • Admitted to Practice, Massachusetts State Bar, 2005 June 23.
  • Admitted to Practice, State Bar of California, 2003.
  • Admission to New York bar pending (2007).

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