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Summer 2006 Schedule

Meetings alternate Wednesday nights, 7pm, in Washington Square Park, southeast corner on grassy knoll in from the chess players ... Rain or wet ground or ridiculously hot weather plan: Laura's apartment.

August 30 - Ricardo Flores Magón, 1874-1922 - postponed due to illness
Mitch Verter's bio sketch of Flores Magon in Dreams of Freedom (anthology)
Magón; Douglas Day. The Prison Notebooks of Ricardo Flores Magon (1991) (a novel; but based on his writings.)
Ward S. Albro: Always a Rebel: Ricardo Flores Magon and the Revolution (1992)
Paul Avrich, ed. "Prison Letters of Ricardo Flores Magon to Lilly Sarnoff" International Review of Social History v.22, pp. 379-422 (1977)

- ? - Peter Kropotkin, 1842-1921, Memoirs of a Revolutionist (1889)
Available editions: available at http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/kropotkin/memoirs/memoirstoc.html

Past Meetings

June 7 - Emma Goldman, 1869-1940, Living My Life (1931)
Available editions: Two volumes in print from Dover
- Abridged one-volume edition from Penguin (some copies @ Bluestocking)
- available online at http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/ANARCHIST_ARCHIVES/goldman/living/livingtoc.html
- Copies at New York Public Library, including one signed by the author in Humanities Rare Books room (!)

June 21 - Dorothy Day, 1897-1980, The Long Loneliness (1952)
Available editions:
1997 paperback edition from Harper

July 5 - Paul Goodman, 1911-1972 - meeting cancelled
Five Years: Thoughts During a Useless Time (1966)
others ???

July 19 - Louise Michel, 1830-1905 - meeting moved to BlueStocking & including discussion of film<
The Red Virgin: The Memoirs of Louise Michel (1981) edited & translated by Bullett Lowry & Elizabeth Ellington Gunter
- University of Alabama Press (1981)

August 2 - Sam Dolgoff
Fragments: A Memoir (1986)
- other?

More Resources

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