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now, even MORE derivative!

the wordpress 2.3 upgrade broke a bunch of my special code, so, i’m probably going to switch to a pre-installed theme(s) until i have time to really upgrade my theme. hey i was bored with it anyway.

ignore all the wacky “permissions required” and “no permissions” and “this post is copyrighted” bullshit that theme designers “helpfully” insert into every theme. this blog is creative commons attrib.

update: fixed my old theme to just ignore the problem elements & now (10/18) fixed the problem elements. still troubleshooting but it looks good.

about the blogroll / linkroll

I just re-set the blogroll to show everything, sorted alphabetically; reverse-alphabetically in a few categories. This is a shift from the past several months, when I had limits on total # of blogs in a category, and showed them by ostensible date-of-most-recent-updates. That didn’t work. The date-of-most-recent-updates was determined some means incomprehensible (well, uncomprehended, anyway) by me. So I couldn’t fix it when the system didn’t pick up recently updated blogs. Moreover, the way I would have really liked it to work would be to (A) limit by top 75 most recently blogs; and (B) order by alphabet. Alas.

If I just keep the limits, then the same n blogs show up all the time; that’s boring. I could limit to n and sort by random but I like alphabetical sorting. So, what the hell. I’ll just have a really really long blogroll. No skin off my back. I like having all those sources. The ones I need are organized into subcategories. The ones I read just for fun are all lumped together and sorted alphabetically. Eventually new blog management tools will come along and I can pick them up. In the meantime I’m happy enough with the new (old) arrangement.