stuff i’ve been reading – information edition

  • The sad story of PearLyrics is being widely reposted [See alandwilliams, sideshow, boingboing.] I’m just sorry that I didn’t hear about it before the designer responded to the C&D by taking down the code.

  • Dan Gillmore (12/3) on telcos attacking the open web: basically, carriers would like to become editors or distributors, content selectors, rather than mere carriers ….

  • Washington Post is letting itself be remixed. I may have to move the Post to the top of my MSM queue (ahead of the NYT).

  • The Royal Society is kvetching about PLOS & open science. [link via BoingBoing & Open Access News]

  • Doc Searls has written “Saving the Net”, discussing, among other things, the “intellectual property” metaphor. [link via boingboing]