seeking new host

Hostony, my current host, has had service & performance problems off & on for the two years I’ve been with them. I’ve stayed because they were inexpensive & had beaucoup features. But now I’m fed up.

Hurricane Electric, I love, but they’re (a) too expensive; (b) not remotely current on mysql; (c) too limited with respect to mysql databases; (d) too limited with respect to subhosts, ftp accounts, & other features now common to webhosts.

So, any ideas of new hosts would be welcome. I need:

a) lots of disk space
b) shell access
c) mysql databases – my blog & other applications require them
d) ability to run scripts, edit cron, etc.

Most be a linux host.

update 12/18: I did end up going with dreamhost which so far seems to be working outo pretty well. See migration details and referral discount.