ip/cyber/1a stuff

  • Radikal Russ on Daily Kos posted about severe cognitive dissonance fostered by Grokster in the secondary liability rules:

    If a company makes a product that is inappropriately used to illegally copy a movie, that company is liable. If a company makes a product that is inappropriately used to illegally kill a human, that company is not liable. What’s the common logic holding these disparate concepts together? Massive corporate special interest money. Welcome to your government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations, where a pirated copy of “Hollywood Homicide”* is bigger threat than an actual Hollywood homicide.

  • EFF is running a 15 anniversary blog-a-thon, in which people post about how they became information radicals (my phrase). Aggregators: Technorati and PubSub. [me too]
  • Nitke v. Ashcroft: First Amendment / CDA decision. Good commentary by Wirenius (plaintiff-side attorney). Other links: copyfight, rounding up various links; Wendy Seltzer, posting the decision.
  • NYT coverage of NY payola settlement with Sony. Check out some of the details at the Village Voice (7/26). So, what we have is a consolidated radio industry that generates its playlists in national headquarters takes payola for playing hits that nobody would otherwise want to hear. If I tried to devise the crappiest possible way of using scarce airwaves, seeking out talent, and maximalizing human fulfillment, it might look something like the current recording / radio industry.
  • more stuff on the PTO denial of the “Dykes on Bikes” TM: Cathy Resmer on the DTWOF blog. As a dyke, I can attest that I don’t find “dykes on bikes” at all offensive … PTO, please don’t protect me.
  • the pensacola news journal editorial about wal-mart’s refusal to carry their paper because of an anti-wal-mart column is a must-read. [link from copyfight] (PS: Wal-Mart lifted the ban & apologized [link from librarian.net])