iranian state murders 2 teens for same-sex activity

oh, this makes me sad: two teenagers in Iran were executed this week for same-sex sexual activity. M.A. and A.M., hanged in Edalat Square, in the City of Mashhad. [direland; seen on Pandagon] The direland site includes pictures of the young men, who are — were — just kids.

i want every fucking government in the world to stop killing people. and i want every fucking government in the world to get its fucking claws out of people’s sex lives. goddammit.

follow-up: reports that international protests are following. Russia is a potential key pressure point, as it does a lot of business with Iran. The HRC called for the US Dept of State to condemn the execution. (I won’t be holding my breath. While the US is interested in villifying Iran right now, I don’t think they’re going to start with where the Christian right in this country would like to end up.) OutRage, who has publicized the story in the English-speaking world, has gotten death threats to its officers from religious fundamentalists (Muslim).

update (7/30): Like Doug Ireland, I initially dismissed the allegations of ‘rape’ levied against the young men as cover-up for Iran’s government. The HRC did not, however, and removed their letter from their website. It’s too bad they removed the letter: sentencing same-sex sexual activity more strongly than opposite-sex sexual activity is still wrong, even where the underlying act is nonconsensual. As for whether or not the allegations are true, I am still disinclined to believe them. When sexuality is criminalized or socially repressed, crying ‘rape’ when caught can save one of the partners at the expense of the other. The history of interracial sexuality in the US is demonstrative, but same-sex sexuality has a similar, less commonly told, history. Sexual repression and criminalization thus add additional costs to society, in our ability to address sexual violence and assault.

action items: contact the US State Dept & ask for official condemnation.