Hirsch seems confused about the point of documentary interviews

The documentary film weblog reports that an attorney who was interviewed for “Super Size Me” is now suing on defamation etc. for using his filmed quotes in the film.

… shall I risk re-publisher liability for quoting the allegedly defamatory statements? Yes, I’m feeling willful today (or perhaps just very very dubious about the likelihood of success on the merits of this litigation): According to the NY Observer March 13 article,

In his only appearance on camera, Mr. Spurlock asks Mr. Hirsch about his motivation for being involved in the McDonald’s litigation. Mr. Hirsch’s reply? “You mean, motive besides monetary compensation?” He then added, “You want to hear a noble cause?”

Dude. You were being filmed for a documentary. You didn’t think that the footage might actually get used? … I don’t think that this sort of lawsuit is going to make people look more charitably on the underlying McDonald’s-contributes-to-obesity lawsuit.