peter jackson on derivative works

sort of. Found this commentary a few months ago on the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Extended DVD, Directors’ Commentary, Disk 2, 5:42 – 6:24. Peter Jackson (PJ), Fran Walsh (FW), and Philippa Boyens (PB) are discussing a scene they had filmed, but didn’t end up putting in either the theatrical release or the extended DVD.

PJ [5:42]: It’s unlikely to find a place actually because there’s nowhere to put it now really even in The Return of the King. So maybe in the 50th anniversary box set we can put it in somewhere.

FW [5:54]: Wouldn’t it be fun to do an edit of all 3 films in chronological order?

PJ: Like the, The Godfather box set?

FW: Oh is that what happens there?

PB: Did they? Oh cool.

PJ: Yeah.

FW: You could put that scene, you know, right after the, the council meeting.

PJ [6:09]: Well, you could, that’s right. I mean, well, people could do that with their – I shouldn’t suggest this, but people could, could do this with the sort of interesting software available on home computers these days, it’s, um, it’s something that any, any fan could do.

PB: Maybe they could do it for us, and we wouldn’t have to do it ourselves.

… They then go on to discuss the value of adding material to extended versions, since no other sequels, no other books to license, New Line could keep making more money that way; does New Line need to make more money? no