Compassionate Bush’s WarRoom blog had this posting on the 14th, based on an LA Times op-ed piece by Lawrence Weschler (registration required, grr). The author goes through the G.W. Bush reelection website. He looks at the various tabs — economy, health care, compassion — and then looks at the compassion tab and the attached photo album. It’s a bunch of pictures of Bush with African-Americans who have bravely endured Bush compassion hard times. Amazingly enough the pictures include Colin Powell. I guess you could say that Colin is having a pretty hard time in the Bush administration, as a conservative who is nevertheless not entirely insane.

And can I just ask: is this site just entirely designed by M$ designers? It’s really unattractive. john kerry’s website isn’t nearly so corporately ugly. … also, get a load of the lamest website quiz ever on the gwb website: “How many working families are benefiting from President Bush’s Jobs and Growth Act? 12 million – 23 million – 34 million – 18 million” Notice how they mix the numbers up — just to keep it fun!