about this blog

I no longer maintain “derivative work”, but maintain it for archival purposes.

I might return to it at some point, but for now, current commentary is available at twitter (http://twitter.com/lquilter/), Google Plus, and my blog at the University of Massachusetts (http://blogs.umass.edu/lquilter/).

First and most importantly,


Permission is not required for linking, here or anywhere. Period.

Please don’t waste your time and mine asking me if you can link. You can. Not because I give you permission here, and not because I have implicitly given you permission by publishing on the Internet, but because linking to or referencing content is not regulated by law. Linking is not a copyright issue.

If you’re doing it to be nice or mannerly, I appreciate that, I really do. But that’s not my expectation from publishing content on the Internet. (And frankly I have a normative view that it ought not be an expectation, but always and only a “nice thing to do.”)

Related to linking: Carnivals

If you see something and you want it in some Carnival of Your Issues — whether because it’s on the subject of that carnival, or whether it’s an example of all that carnival loathes and despises — go ahead & include it. You don’t have to ask permission. Carnivals are basically review articles of the blogosphere, and it is my contention and practice that permission is not needed to discuss publicly available information.

I’d like to know, just because I’d like to know, but you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.

BTW: I like carnivals, I support carnivals, I read carnivals — I even provide server space for a carnival. But I’m too lazy and deadline-aversive to submit to carnivals. I have to deal with deadlines for stuff I’m getting paid for, and it’s like fucking pulling teeth already. Why would I want to further torture myself and anyone counting on me, by submitting to other deadlines?

Secondly and all the rest of it:




This blog is hosted at DreamHost.


standards, what standards?

This blog is multi-browser incompatible: renders imperfectly in every browser thus far tested.

I try to do ALT tags on images to facilitate access.

Also, sometimes I remember to try to validate my HTML and my CSS and whatever. But most of the time I go along with my mangled versions of early-mid 1990s-era HTML plus late 90s-era CSS plus random bits of javascript and php that I’ve picked up here and there, and thus code that I touch ends up looking like one of those old college campus buildings that keeps getting additions and occasional remodels and now has stairways that go nowhere and routes that go up 3 stairs and then down four stairs just to cross a hallway, and elevators with buttons for floors that don’t exist.