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The Poor Man explains checks & balances & the US government in commenting on the Newsweek thing:

Our government was set up two centuries ago by a group of men, some quite clever, who expected that it would be administered by the corrupt, the cowardly, and the stupid – in other words, by human beings. Checks and balances were put in place so that one branch’s cowardice could be employed to counterbalance another’s corruption, with the stupid serving to restrain the other two. By and large, we have elected the sort of men the Founders trusted we would, and so things have generally worked as intended.

Equally important was that the players in this clown show would be accountable to the people they represented. Now, the people would be stupid, cowardly, and corrupt as well, for such is the nature of people, but, through the miracle of thermodynamics, the voting process would cancel out individual eccentricities leaving the only free parameter The National Interest. All in all, the worst idea anyone has ever had for running a government, except for all the others.

There’s a lot of other good stuff including the Bill of Rights explanation and the tie-in to the Newsweek thing.