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  Whenever, for example, you mention the need for universal health insurance, someone is bound to say: But we don't big government running our health care! - as if we have any more freedom under the Republic of Aetna or some other giant corporate insurance bureaucracy.

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  —Barbara Ehrenreich, April 10, 2006, "The Bloated Bush Government", at http://ehrenreich.blogs.com/barbaras_blog/2006/04/the_bloated_bus.html.

UCLA v. AIME – more good news

Monday, November 26th, 2012

The court finally issued its order dismissing the case in the AIME v. UCLA case. (The second amended complaint, in case you’re counting.) In short, it was another big victory for libraries. The court affirmed all its earlier reasoning, and deepened its reasoning in a few key areas. Here’s a quick summary — more discussion […]

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