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saying goodbye to sivacracy

Siva is shutting down Sivacracy. From the inside, it feels right. There are lots of voices talking about copyright and information policy now, and all of us Sivacracy bloggers have enough other balls to juggle.

From the outside, though, the other part of me is saying, “hey but I’m going to be reading blogs again, sometime! and when I do I won’t have Sivacracy!!! Dammit!”

It’s true that all good things come to an end and it’s such a rare pleasure to find closure on the Internet and someone who knows how to wrap things up (god knows that’s not my strength). But no Sivacracy. Damn. The Internet will be a poorer place.

Below is my farewell to Sivacracy, cross-posted, of course, on Sivacracy:

see you all at the sivacracy reunion

It’s just like Siva to wrap things up in style. Book-ending the blog officially.

Over the years, Sivacracy has been literally one of the only blogs that I read every day — multiple times a day — and starting my day at Sivacracy brought new insights, new ideas, new analyses, new arguments. It has always been such a pleasure to have a place to read cutting-edge opinion and news on issues that mattered so dearly to me: information policy, feminism, culture, education, science, politics.

And always quirky and humorous, and open. Many blogs have comments enabled, but few blogs are truly open for dialog. Sivacracy was, for me, a model of committed, activist academic blogging.

So I was truly honored when Siva asked me to participate, and although I joined the blog just as my blogging energies were waning, every time I made a post I felt a warm glow. Posting to other Sivacracy readers felt like an “oh by the way” to other people — not an anonymous blog readership — but intelligent, questioning, curious folk, who share a lot of peculiar passions, and would be fun to have dinner and a few drinks with.

It’s been a pleasure. Let’s have that dinner party sometime. A Sivacracy reader/blogger reunion sounds like a blast.


Laura Quilter

here there & sivacracy too

I’ll be cross-posting my derivative work material to Sivacracy now. I feel particularly honored to be blogging along with Siva & Ann Bartow, who have both been out on the front lines for a long while, pointing out injustices, stupidities, and wrong directions.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an information activist: a former librarian and media activist who was driven to become a lawyer by the craziness of copyright law, particularly, and IP, privacy, telecomm, and speech broadly. I’m working this year at the NYU Brennan Center for Justice with Marjorie Heins, developing a fair use network. I’m passionate about individual autonomy and assessing/fighting the forces that impact it: economic injustice, state coercion, & cultural practices like religion, sexism, and racism. That sounds dorky enough, but I’ll up the ante by adding that I’m also an old-school geek of the science fiction, books, & computer type, so occasionally I burst forth with fannish squees over, for instance, a new Joss Whedon or pirate movie. Followed immediately by sober analyses of its racialized dynamics and inappropriate uses of the terms “piracy”, “theft”, “stealing” and stolen-lawnmower analogies, I promise.