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  Alito's ideological opponents shouldn't be disconcerted by his new power and influence, however. As an originalist, Alito has shed his personal legal opinions along with his mortal flesh and will only follow the law as he directly knows it to be. Unlike corrupt activist judges who twist the Constitution to force equal rights on unsuspecting Americans, Justice Alito will represent nothing more than the will and intent of the Founding Fathers, from Alexander Hamilton's longstanding devotion to warrantless strip-searches to Thomas Jefferson's belief in the need for police to fatally shoot unarmed purse-snatchers to James Madison's deeply-held conviction that the executive branch retains the right to break the law. Rest easy, America! Your long, national civil liberties nightmare will soon be over.

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  — Fafblog, "Justice Alito Will See You Now", Fafblog, 2006 Jan. 31. (On the ascension of Judge Alito to Justice, Supreme Court of the United States.).

egg rights: South Dakota’s latest ventures into unintended consequences

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 10:07 am

South Dakota is at it again, with a new egg rights bill that defines “any organism with the genome of homo sapiens” as a person under the South Dakota Constitution. Man it’s hard to keep up with all the really poorly thought out legislation from that state!

Broadsheet has the simplest quickest coverage, and links to Feministe “Even More Questions for Pro-Lifers”, always a good read.

Anyway, inspired by the Broadsheet post title “Eggs are people, too”, henceforth I will be referring to this sort of thing as “egg rights”. (A phrase which I now see has already gained some traction.) Egg rights activists, egg rights bills, and so forth.

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