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  [E. P. Thompson] remarked on "the readiness of the human species to define its needs and satisfactions in material market terms -- and to throw all of the globe's resources onto the market . . . The engineer of this catastrophe will be economic man."

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  —E. P. Thompson, Iain A. Boal, "Up From the Bottom."
In First World, Ha! Ha! Ha! ed. by Elaine Katzenberger, p. 170..

will right-wingers finally appreciate international law?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 8:42 am

Right-wing homophobes have been freaking out over the Åke Green’s conviction under a Swedish hate speech code. They were particularly incensed because Green made his anti-gay comments from a church pulpit, and hailed the conviction as a sign of the treacherous path of hate speech codes. His conviction was reversed on appeal and then the Supreme Court of Sweden took it up. Now, interestingly, I found out that at the end of November, the Supreme Court also acquitted Green. Why? Because although he did violate the Swedish hate crime legislation, a sentence against him would likely violate the European Convention on Human Rights. So, right-wingers have to recognize … international law … for protecting human rights. I’m sure I’ll see that on the same blogs where right-wingers thank the ACLU.

(Caveat: I don’t read Swedish so my understanding of the Supreme Court opinion is based on this short synopsis by a Swedish attorney.)

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