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Carlos Cortez

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005 3:01 pm

Viva La Huelga - print by Carlos Cortez

¡Viva La Huelga! Carlos Cortez
1993 Linocut, 89×58.5 cm

“When you do a painting that’s it, it’s one of a kind. But when you do a graphic the amount of prints you can make from it is infinite. I made a provision in my estate, for whoever will take care of my blocks, that if any of my graphic works are selling for high prices immediate copies should be made to keep the price down.”

— Carlos Cortez, 1923-2005

Doing research, I found that Carlos Cortez passed away in January. I first saw Carlos Cortez exhibited in Chicago in the mid-1990s, and had the honor of meeting him and his partner, Mariana. A real loss but he is well-remembered.

More info:
biography at March Abrazo Press
Carlos Koyokuikatl Cortez: A Printed Legacy (1923-2005) by Jesus Macarena-Avila [subaltern.org]
An Interview with Carlos Cortez by Christine Flores-Cozza, at Drawing Resistance.org
Political Graphics.org
– IWW Obituary
– Many of his works illustrate Charles H. Kerr press books

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