about the blogroll / linkroll

I just re-set the blogroll to show everything, sorted alphabetically; reverse-alphabetically in a few categories. This is a shift from the past several months, when I had limits on total # of blogs in a category, and showed them by ostensible date-of-most-recent-updates. That didn’t work. The date-of-most-recent-updates was determined some means incomprehensible (well, uncomprehended, anyway) by me. So I couldn’t fix it when the system didn’t pick up recently updated blogs. Moreover, the way I would have really liked it to work would be to (A) limit by top 75 most recently blogs; and (B) order by alphabet. Alas.

If I just keep the limits, then the same n blogs show up all the time; that’s boring. I could limit to n and sort by random but I like alphabetical sorting. So, what the hell. I’ll just have a really really long blogroll. No skin off my back. I like having all those sources. The ones I need are organized into subcategories. The ones I read just for fun are all lumped together and sorted alphabetically. Eventually new blog management tools will come along and I can pick them up. In the meantime I’m happy enough with the new (old) arrangement.