file sharing & “Global Frequency” TV pilot

The Salt Lake Tribune ran this article about a TV pilot whose producer and fans hope will be picked up because of file sharing:

“For more GF episodes, I have to somehow find $26 million dollars for 13 episodes of production, find somebody to air it . . . and convince the powers that be the DVD box sets will be profitable,” [John Rogers, producer and writer] wrote in his blog. “That’ll not only require stunning acts of fiscal contortion, but the fan base/buzz/media attention has to be of a truly EPIC proportion. What are the odds of that? I’ll tell you — the odds of this working are way, way too small to take seriously.”

Needless to say, Rogers said he will “make some calls” to see what can be done. After all, “we’re talking . . . about you [the audience] creating a completely new process for television shows,” he wrote.

It only makes sense that a series about a clandestine global network would get help from a real life clandestine global network. Here’s hoping “Global Frequency” breaks free.