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First Museum of Fake Goods

Friday, June 24th, 2005 10:10 am

Novosti reports that the Russian State Institute of Intellectual Property has opened up a museum of fake goods, to “train qualified intellectual property specialists” in recognizing fake goods and “fight[ing]” the fake goods.

Fake goods? Fake goods that fight? Vodka that really isn’t vodka, movies that really aren’t movies — but the fake vodka and movies have some real kung-fu.

Good to see that Russia is following the fine example of the US: while education in actually creating art and music gets fewer and fewer dollars, education in how to police art and music gets more and more dollars.

See, e.g., any of the numerous university “copyright education” websites (Univ. of California); organizations promoting copyright curriculum like Friends of Active Copyright Education (FACE), an initiative of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. developed to “provide a broad range of resources to foster and support copyright awareness”; and the various incursions ofo copyright curriculum into the schools (Never too young for a copyright lesson, CNet 2005/5/23, about copyright lectures for a 6th grade commencement in Utah).

Compare: Dumbing Down, the Dwindling Funding of the Arts (World Music Central); Music for All Foundation statistical review of music education funding in California public schools.

Act: Copyrightcurriculum.com and Kids Smell Bullshit.

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