unsex me — no, really

  • Richard Nathan has written shakespeare parodies, and actually had them produced. I particularly like the title of “Scots on the Rocks” (MacBeth). Performance could be amusing — I did chuckle over Lady MacBeth’s “unsex me”:


    (and when did it become the thing to do for mainstream media to provider spoiler warnings? it seemed like it was a fan/geek thing, and now all of a sudden, very very mainstream. or has it always been thus?)

    Act I, Scene 5:

    Lady MacBeth: Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here!

    The witches move to center stage, singing and dancing. Lady Macbeth doesn’t notice them.

    We’ll unsex you here!
    Do not show any doubt or fear!
    Just growl and sneer,
    Scratch your crotch,
    And swig a beer!
    And we’ll unsex you here!

    The witches gesture magically. There is an explosion of flash powder, and suddenly Lady Macbeth has become a man – a tall, waspish man, with a neat little mustache. I will continue to refer to Lady Macbeth as “she” in the stage directions, but starting from here, for as long as she lives, she should be portrayed by a man.

    and later:

    Act 5, Scene 5:

    Two servants enter, carrying the body of the Queen. It is the female version of the Queen, as she was before she was un-sexed. The servants lay the body of the Queen before Macbeth.