space weapons

Re-assuring words from our Glorious Leader’s curiously independent-minded military leaders:

“We haven’t reached the point of strafing and bombing from space,” Pete Teets, who stepped down last month as the acting secretary of the Air Force, told a space warfare symposium last year. “Nonetheless, we are thinking about those possibilities.”

The Air Force believes “we must establish and maintain space superiority,” Gen. Lance Lord, who leads the Air Force Space Command, told Congress recently. “Simply put, it’s the American way of fighting.” Air Force doctrine defines space superiority as “freedom to attack as well as freedom from attack” in space.

Apparently, Star Wars is not a successful defense program! It’s a movie, instead:

The Air Force’s drive into space has been accelerated by the Pentagon’s failure to build a missile defense on earth. After spending 22 years and nearly $100 billion, Pentagon officials say they cannot reliably detect and destroy a threat today.

Tired of waiting around for that tedious old bureaucracy, the Air Force is leading us into a bold new destiny! Is the Air Force some kind of independent super-military agency now? Why is the Air Force coming to the Glorious Leader to authorize their own separate special “Air Force” weapons? Doesn’t this seem a little, well, “precious bodily fluids” to anyone?

“Space superiority is not our birthright, but it is our destiny,” he told an Air Force conference in September. “Space superiority is our day-to-day mission. Space supremacy is our vision for the future.”

For background details: fafblog 5/19; NYT 5/18