Monthly Archives: February 2005

licensing trivia

how bad songs get recorded:

“Wes Anderson is asked about the way he uses film in music, and reveals that when he was making The Royal Tenenbaums, George Harrison was too ill to enable the clearing of rights to Hey Jude. So then he decided to get Elliot Smith to cover it. You might think he’d have quietly dropped the idea after that.”

TMFTML cites something but i’m not sure why b/c i couldn’t find this quote there …

comment spam freedom

holy shit, i will be so happy if indeed the WP AuthImage plugin finally works correctly for me. thank you, thank you, gudlyf. i’ve been getting approx. 30 to 100 spam comments a day. almost all for p0k3r! grrr.

update 2/8: emerging briefly from the hole that is bar review to check my email and, voila! no spam so far! hooray! i will now do a happy no-spam dance.