copyright round-up

  • Grokster cert granted [12/10]

  • Customs seizure of the Stripburger comic book parody of Richie Rich (“Richie Bush”) — it was “clearly piratical.” Covered by Larry (may I call you Larry? why, thank you) and newsarama. I find it delicious that the parody wasn’t obvious from the cover — so while it may have been or probably was a tip-off, I prefer to imagine Customs agents, bored, idly flipping through comic books, only to suddenly be energized: “Look, Wally! This image is clearly piratical! Get me Seizure Form A2Z-35, stat!
  • Southco v. Kanebridge, 3d Circuit en banc, 12/3/2004: Part numbers for screws aren’t copyrightable. Really.

  • Rossi v. MPAA, 9th Circuit, 12/1/2004: DMCA takedown notices “good faith belief” may be a subjective good faith belief.

  • Kahle v. Ashcroft, N.D. Cal., dismissed. Quel surprise. Lessig et al will appeal.