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  Someone once asked Li Zhou, what would a master do if confronted by a person wielding a gun, to which Li Zhou responded, "he wouldn't go there."

I once heard an expert in combative handgun skills advise, "if you wouldn't go there without a gun, don't go there with a gun." Taken literally, the remark is nonsensical (or perhaps paradoxical).

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  —Li Zhou

open source gaming

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004 1:55 pm

open source gaming: Wired News: Gamers Eye Open Virtual Worlds

Lots of interesting implications:

  • May solve the problem of over-reaching EULAs that ban all kinds of lawful & fair uses
  • May stop the kinds of top-down censorship and controls that are characteristic of the EA / Peter Ludlow / Sims story
  • A perfect example of DIY activism in action: not wasting time trying to reform the old system or rebel against it, but just making your own system … and trusting that if it’s good it’ll change the world.
  • ever closer to virtual reality …

    “Inevitably, there would have to be certain protocols that people would have to adhere to to fit into this space,” Ludlow said. “Maybe there’re portals between them. Maybe you could walk between them.”

  • All the problems that Peter Ludlow was reporting in the Sims games (e.g., the online brothels) will re-appear … and isn’t this just like real life? With top-down control [EA/Sims] you have brothels. Without top-down control [open source gaming] you’ll have brothels. It’ll be up to people who don’t like them to stay out of them.
  • All of the academics who jumped on the virtual reality, virtual communities stories back in the late 80s, early 90s will be back in force. (Or maybe they never left: maybe I just stopped paying attention to that literature.)

[linked from terra nova 12/2]

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