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  Third Apparition: "Macbeth shall never vanquish'd be, until
Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill
Shall come against him."

Macbeth: "That will never be.
Who can impress the forest; bid the tree
Unfix his earth-bound root?"

tagged: trees, the future, doom
  —William Shakespeare, Macbeth Act IV .

looming challenges to federalism

Friday, November 26th, 2004 11:02 am

i’ll be interested to see how the conservative, pro-federalism, pro-states’ rights, GOP-run government (and the conservative intelligentsia which carries their theoretical water) handles some of the upcoming challenges to federalism:

  • medical marijuana laws
  • state & regional initiatives on global warming: for instance, California’s mandatory cap on greenhouse-gas emissions will have to be signed off on by the EPA before it goes into effect

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