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  [T]here are many ways of knowing, but ... it is not mere ethnocentric puffery to assert that science is a way of knowing that has a uniquely transcendent value for all human beings. In the entire course of prehistory and history only one way of knowing has encouraged its practitioners to doubt their own premises and to systematically expose their own conclusions to the hostile scrutiny of nonbelievers ... Unless [critics] can show how some other universalistic system of knowing leads to more acceptable criteria of truth, their attempt to subvert the universal credibility of science in the name of cultural relativism ... is a crime against humanity. It is a crime against humanity because the real alternative to science is not anarchy, but ideology; not peaceful artists, philosophers, and anthropologists, but aggressive fanatics and messiahs eager to annihilate each other and the whole world if need be in order to prove their point.

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  —Lee Marvin Harris, Cultural Materialism (1980) as cited in Michael Flynn, "Afterword: An Introduction to Cliology", In the Country of the Blind (p.427) ("Afterword..." was originally published as "An Introduction to Psychohistory" in Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, April/May 1988. .

republicans & abortion

Thursday, October 28th, 2004 12:29 am

  • carpetbagger report cites to an editorial in the Miami Herald, from Glen Harold Stassen and Gary Krane, on abortion — looking at statistics that show that abortion rates, which had been declining, have increased since George W. Bush took office with his anti-choice rhetoric, lack of sex ed, and Mexico City policy.

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