cheney-edwards debate

to be honest, i felt kinda bad for cheney tonight. he’s a crotchety, curmudgeonly, grumpy old man, and he makes no bones about it. i hate his politics, i despise (or do i admire it?) the way he can lie outright to someone’s face, but i guess i sorta dig the crotchety old white man vibe. it has an odd reverse psychology effect on me, tapping into my images of the gruff grizzled granddaddies of Newbery Award-winning books, who at first seem scary & villainous to the orphaned or troubled youth, but in the end are discovered to be misunderstood old coots who really do love us. we discover that we love them, too, thus learning a valuable lesson about judging people negatively on their gruff demeanor and surly appearance …

reality? no. merely childhood-novel programming.

cheney is, in reality, a scary villainous guy who has run this government into the ground and sacrificed his personal convictions and family loyalty on the altar of political expediency.